Learning / Teaching / Training Activities within 3DP Teacher project

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The “3DP Teacher training” short term joint staff training will take place from 21st to 25th of June, 2021. Although the initial plan was to organise a face-to-face training, in Greece, in June 2020, the pandemic forced partners to delay and to move online this Learning/Teaching/Training Activity (LTTA).

The event will be attended by 32 representatives of 3DP Teacher project partners from Portugal, Turkey, Spain, Romania, Greece, Poland and Italy.

The main goals of the LTTA are as follows:

  • to promote the use of the 3D printer in teaching and its application in different subjects
  • to make improvements in view of the sustainability of the intellectual products created by the project (“3DP Teachers’ Guidebook” and “Innovative Teachers Environment (ITE)”)
  • to identify new sectors that could benefit from 3D printing

During the 5 days of training, each of the participating partners will make presentations on topics relevant for the 3DP Teacher project:

  • Presentation of case studies and possibilities of implementation on different subjects;
  • 3DP Teachers’ Guidebook – using it to create or select proper 3D printing models for ITE’s “3D models by teachers” collection. Workshop and discussions in view of sustainability.;
  • Educational policies and trends concerning 3D printing, methodological aspects of using this technology, presentation of lesson ideas and recommendations;
  • ITE – presentation and discussion about improvements in view of sustainability
  • Presentation of the ARTTEC classroom – how we use of different technologies for teaching
  • Using the 3DP in special education
  • 3DP Teachers’ Guidebook – Applications of 3D printing (education, prototyping & manufacturing, medicine, construction & architecture, art, fashion & jewellery). Creative exercise/workshop of subjects that could benefit from 3D printing/ 3DP in home
  • Inclusive teaching and learning didactic for visually impaired students.

The presentations will be completed with discussions/brainstorming on how to improve and implement the gained knowledge in the project’s outputs and sessions of questions and answers.