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The 3DP-teacher project is coming to the end of its funding period, but what an adventure it has been and is being! On 24 May, partner organisations in Romania, Greece, Turkey, Portugal, Spain, Poland and Italy met online to continue working on the last steps of the project.


The two main results that this consortium has produced is the Manual that collects all the relevant knowledge available now about 3D printing as a free resource to the teachers and present it in a way that most of them would find accessible, and the ITE (Innovative Teachers Environment), a site where teachers can take advantage of using 3D printing in day-to-day activities and expand your network of contacts with other teachers, schools and companies!

We are currently in a testing phase, where a total of 140 teachers are evaluating this resource. After collecting all the feedback and suggestions from teachers, we will modify and improve the ITE to meet all the needs encountered by professionals.